About Us

A Trusted Banking Partner Delivering Timely Solutions.

First Securities Discount House Limited, the precursor to FSDH Merchant Bank Limited, was incorporated in June 1992 as the first discount house to operate in Nigeria. In the new era, FSDH Merchant Bank Limited was one of the first companies to be granted a merchant banking license in the country.

Over the years, the FSDH Merchant Bank has become a financial services supermarket that delivers expert financial services within Nigeria and to select clientele, in order to create long term sustainable wealth.

Our journey to becoming a merchant bank started when the Central Bank of Nigeria revoked all universal banking licenses in 2009 and created a new banking structure in the country. Under the new structure, banks are now categorised as commercial or merchant banks.

Prior to the creation of the new structure by the CBN, FSDH had- through its subsidiaries- developed the structures required to offer the full range of merchant banking services (to the extent permitted by then regulation). However, with the new CBN structure in place, the people at FSDH regarded the change as an opportunity to expand the scope of our operations, while retaining focus on our core activities, in order to serve you better.

In November 2012, the CBN granted our application and issued to us our Merchant Banking License.

Our Core Values

Succeeding Together.





Our Vision & Mission

To be top 3 bank in Nigeria.

To partner with clients to provide innovative financial solutions and create value for our shareholders.