Corporate Banking

Our Corporate banking team provides an array of rich and robust services that prioritizes your needs and holds your hands through the entire process of addressing your business pain-points. We manage a diverse range of banking services for our corporate clients across various industries. Managing their risks and their growth strategies effectively. We offer lending services, structured trade finance, digital solutions, and API As a Service.

Our structured lending services are designed to meet the needs of our clients’ working capital position. We provide short term/tenored lending (Under one year) and Medium to Long Term or Tenored Facilities.

For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 (01) 2802111-2

Our online banking platform facilitates access to payment and transactional banking services, including payments and collections.

Our portal enables clients to process all local and international trade activities through a secure web-based system.

For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 1-2802111-2802112

Our services include liability management, trade transaction processing (letters of credit, bills for collection, NXPs and capital importation), and the day-to-day administration of accounts.

For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 1-2802111-2802112

We provide Import Finance Facilities with dual currency (USD/Naira) availability, which can also be structured under the following trade products:

  • Letters of Credit
  • Unconfirmed Letters of Credits
  • Usance Letters of Credits/ Use of FSDH’s Correspondent Bank’s Confirmation Lines
  • Deferred Letters of Credits
  • Green and Red Clause Letters of Credits
  • Avalised Bills for Collection
  • Foreign Currency Forwards & Swaps
  • Other specialized Structured Finance Facilities

For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 1-2802111-2802112

Our Value chain team exists to strengthen business relationships with clients and showcase FSDH’s Value propositions specially created to take businesses to the next level. It is an initiative to ensure 360-degree opportunities around our corporate clients: their major Distributors/Dealers/Trade Partners, Sub-Dealers, Suppliers, Employees, Government and Business Owners.

Our offerings are Truck Financing Lease, Asset Lease Finance and Business service registration.

The health team has experienced Health Finance professionals providing clients with products and services designed to improve efficiency and optimize Revenue in the health Sector.

FSDH health is poised to make a difference in the healthcare space.

After carefully studying the terrain, we have identified the major needs of the various verticals in the health market segment and we have unique offerings:

  •  Working capital finance:
    We offer Competitive pricing for short-medium term working capital financing needs of Health facilities and health-tech Companies.
  •  Lease Finance:
    Due to huge deficit in terms of equipment, we offer products to enable our clients purchase medical equipment, Real estate and other purchases required to boost Revenue.
  •  Digitization:
    We offer digitization services to our clients. This includes EMR solutions, Info Health management solutions (IHMS), Enrollee Validation, Payment Collections platform services and many more.
  • Insurance:
    We offer an affordable insurance product to our corporate clients for their insured contract staff. This will increase the wellbeing of said staff and cut expected revenue losses due to poor access to affordable health care for the workforce.
  • Advisory:
    We offer proper financial advisory and relationship management to our clients. Our Health team is led by seasoned Health finance professionals who understand the unique needs in the health space.