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With access to the breadth of services across FSDH, we are able to navigate the complexities of the corporate world on your behalf, while you focus on growing your business.  The FSDH Corporate Banking Group optimises the institutional knowledge resource base that the bank has built up, through its leading financial intermediary franchise over the past 27 years. We understand your unique banking needs and make it a point of duty to provide you with competitive and flexible banking services. 

Our Relationship Managers are committed to your long-term vision. Using their expertise, they have created bespoke financing solutions for a wide range of clients, across multiple industries, with varying business pressures. To ensure our Managers provide the best solution, we keep a finger on the financial pulse of the nation and play an active role in the corporate banking space.  Due to the nature of the transactions we undertake, the funding of our Naira and foreign currency balance sheet is augmented with a robust base comprising; multiple foreign currency credit lines from well-known global correspondent banks, developmental financial institutions, multilateral agencies, and strategic partners.

Corporate Banking

FSDH Merchant Bank has structured lending services that are designed to meet the needs of our clients’ working capital position.

Short Term/ Tenored lending (Under one year)

  • Overdraft Facilities – Customers are allowed to draw funds beyond available funds to meet short term needs.
  • Stock Replacement Facilities – Used for the local purchase of stock.
  • Local Purchase Orders – We finance your orders
  • Invoice Discount Facilities – We provide funds for you on work done pending final payment
  • Contract Finance Facilities – We provide financing for the execution of your contracts

Medium to Long Term or Tenored Facilities 

  • Term/ Time Loans: Tenored loans for the acquisition of capital assets with periodic repayments spread conveniently over a reasonable time frame above one year.
  • Project Finance Facilities – Financing of medium to long term projects with repayments guaranteed from the milestones receivables of the project.
  • Equipment Finance Facilities/ Leases – For the financing of capital expenditure, particularly for the purchase of equipment either for specific projects or for regular business needs with convenient, periodic repayment plans.
  • Asset Securitisation Facilities – For the financing of large ticket transactions often involving a syndication of banks using the asset of the customer as the major security
  • Loan Syndications/ Club Deals – For very large ticket transactions involving the alliance of two or more banks, loans are kept within limits stipulated by the supervising authorities, and transaction risks are spread, to ensure that adequate funding is provided

We also provide fully underwritten facilities or best efforts arrangements.

On-lending Services

FSDH offers on-lending services for clients who wish to access cheaper and longer tenored funding from various intervention funds, multilateral partners, and Developmental Finance Institutions. 

We have a strategic relationship with a robust list of respected partners locally and globally.

For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 (01) 2802111-2

  • Bank Guarantees: Guarantees issued by the bank assuring that payment for a specific transaction would be made when due, in line with the terms of the underlying transaction and  irrespective of the obligor’s financial position at the time.
  • Advanced Payment Guarantees: Guarantees issued to companies to secure payments made in advance for products or services. These guarantees assure the beneficiary that the funds advanced would be utilised for the intended purpose.
  • Performance Bonds: Bonds issued to protect the beneficiary against losses in the event that the terms of the contract are breached or the contractor is unable to perform his obligations.
  • Bid Bonds: Guarantees from a bank confirming that funds required to execute the project are available.
  • Customs Bonds: To guarantee the release of goods from Customs on deferred payment terms.

For enquiries, please contact [email protected] Telephone: +234 (01) 2802111-2

FSDH is able to provide Import Finance Facilities with dual currency (USD/Naira) availability, which can also be structured under the following trade products:

  • Letters of Credit
  • Unconfirmed Letters of Credits
  • Usance Letters of Credits/ Use of FSDH’s Correspondent Bank’s Confirmation Lines
  • Deferred Letters of Credits
  • Green and Red Clause Letters of Credits
  • Avalised Bills for Collection
  • Foreign Currency Forwards & Swaps
  • Other specialized Structured Finance Facilities

For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 1-2802111-2802112


We are continually investing in and upgrading our IT infrastructure to enable our clients process transactions safely, seamlessly, and efficiently. Our online banking platform facilitates access to payment and transactional banking services, including payments and collections. 

The FSDH online trade portal also enables clients to process all local and international trade activities through a secure web-based system. You can streamline your trade activities, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, putting you in control of your transactions in a safe and secure environment.

These online channels include applications that can be accessed via a desktop, mobile app, or a business-to-business system. They are and can be configured to match each client’s distinctive method of processing transactions so as to provide ease of administration, reconciliation, and reporting.

For enquiries, please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 1-2802111-2802112

We’ve assembled a dedicated cross functional team to facilitate and ensure that all client transactions are executed securely and in the shortest possible time. Our services include liability management (treasury bills, call and tenored deposit), trade transaction processing (letters of credit, bills for collection, NXPs and capital importation), and the day to day administration of accounts.

We also operate a robust and secure internet banking platform, which enables our customers transact from the comfort of their homes and offices.

For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 1-2802111-2802112

Our integrated team of experts cover the book building process, and facilitate; club lending and loan syndications, loan arrangement and documentation, facility administration and management, among others.

For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 1-2802111-2802112

At FSDH Merchant Bank, we ensure that our payment processing methods are both efficient and transparent. Relying on a range of secure platforms like FSDH Pay Rave, Pay Direct, Quickteller, and Remita, we are able to process various payments -including custom duties for which FSDH is a collecting bank.

For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 1-2802111-2802112

Our Business Coverage team plays actively in the Nigerian corporate banking space and is responsible for providing bespoke financing solutions for a wide range of clients, with varying needs, across multiple industries. Our team members have strong backgrounds in corporate and investment banking and a knowledge of global markets. They use a specialized industry based approach to manage clients and stakeholders in the following sectors:

  • Energy
  • General Commerce
  • Agro Allied and Non-Oil Export
  • Power
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Services
  • Technology and Telecommunications
  • New and emerging sectors

Our Relationship Managers are physically located in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt and are constantly available online and remotely to meet with clients and discuss their peculiar needs.

For enquiries, please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 1-2802111-2802112