Your success drives our success

We measure our success by the number of goals, dreams and aspirations we help our clients realise. No matter how big or small the dream, you can trust us to manage your assets for consistent high-quality returns.

FSDH Asset Management Limited has a proven track record in strategically building and managing investment portfolios through exclusive investment solutions. These include special-purpose unitised schemes in fixed income securities, equities, and real estate.

As a leading provider of asset management services, you can rely on us to keep you apace with market changes, and provide results that deliver your financial needs, whether that be capital growth, capital preservation, or a mixture of both.

Our client base includes individuals and corporate organisations, including fund managers, insurance companies, gratuity schemes, endowment funds, and other special purpose funds.

For enquiries please visit our website https://www.fsdhaml.com/esigned to meet the needs of our clients’ working capital position. Short Term/ Tenored lending (Under one year)
  • Overdraft Facilities – Customers are allowed to draw funds beyond available funds to meet short term needs.
  • Stock Replacement Facilities – Used for the local purchase of stock.
  • Local Purchase Orders – We finance your orders
  • Invoice Discount Facilities – We provide funds for you on work done pending final payment
  • Contract Finance Facilities – We provide financing for the execution of your contracts
Medium to Long Term or Tenored Facilities
  • Term/ Time Loans: Tenored loans for the acquisition of capital assets with periodic repayments spread conveniently over a reasonable time frame above one year.
  • Project Finance Facilities – Financing of medium to long term projects with repayments guaranteed from the milestones receivables of the project.
  • Equipment Finance Facilities/ Leases – For the financing of capital expenditure, particularly for the purchase of equipment either for specific projects or for regular business needs with convenient, periodic repayment plans.
  • Asset Securitisation Facilities – For the financing of large ticket transactions often involving a syndication of banks using the asset of the customer as the major security
  • Loan Syndications/ Club Deals – For very large ticket transactions involving the alliance of two or more banks, loans are kept within limits stipulated by the supervising authorities, and transaction risks are spread, to ensure that adequate funding is provided We also provide fully underwritten facilities or best efforts arrangements.
On-lending Services FSDH offers on-lending services for clients who wish to access cheaper and longer tenored funding from various intervention funds, multilateral partners, and Developmental Finance Institutions. We have a strategic relationship with a robust list of respected partners locally and globally. For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 (01) 2802111-2
Taking stock of the future to create the right opportunities for you

Opportunities are created in the place of careful observation, understanding historical trends, meticulous planning, and targeted actions. We have the scale, depth of service, and unique insights to predict the future and identify opportunities that help you succeed.

FSDH has been a key player in the primary and secondary segments of the Nigerian equity market since 1995. We achieved this position by leveraging the vast expertise of our financial service professionals; who are known for providing world-class stockbroking services to local and international investors.

The key to our success are the strong relationships we have developed with regulators, issuers, investors, and other market participants. These relationships enable our equity trading professionals to deliver effective trade execution at highly competitive terms.

While our digital platform gives you access to the live market, delivers timely and accurate trade reports, and offers the ability to manage trades yourself, you will be supported by our team of professionals on the front and back end who will ensure your trading experience is as pleasant as possible.

Our services include:

Equity investment advisory supported by independent research Best in class trade execution Financial Advisory/Issuing House Service Portfolios unification and benefits tracking Leveraged Investments

For enquiries, please visit our website https://www.palpensions.com/
Reimagining the future…together

There’s little that can be done about the past, but the future is a blank canvas. This is why we are passionate about giving you the right palette to paint a colourful tomorrow.

Pensions Alliance Limited (PAL) is a licensed Pension Fund Administrator with over 13 years of experience of helping people build a financially secure future. In this time, we have taken great care to build a brand that stands for performance, service and trust. Values treasured by over 450,000 customers and clients.

PAL is jointly owned by First Securities Discount House Limited (FSDH) Group and African Alliance Insurance Company Limited. Incorporated on April 14, 2005 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 , we were licensed by the National Pension Commission on December 7, 2005 to manage and administer retirement savings contributions of employees in Nigeria as a result of the Pension Reform Act of 2004.

UBA Pensions Custodian Limited is the custodian of our pension schemes assets.

For enquiries please contact [email protected] . Telephone: +234 (90) 98627367
Our Business Coverage team plays actively in the Nigerian corporate banking space and is responsible for providing bespoke financing solutions for a wide range of clients, with varying needs, across multiple industries. Our team members have strong backgrounds in corporate and investment banking and a knowledge of global markets. They use a specialized industry based approach to manage clients and stakeholders in the following sectors:
  • Energy
  • General Commerce
  • Agro Allied and Non-Oil Export
  • Power
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate Services
  • Technology and Telecommunications
  • New and emerging sectors Our Relationship Managers are physically located in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt and are constantly available online and remotely to meet with clients and discuss their peculiar needs.
For enquiries, please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 1-2802111-2802112
In order to help our clients achieve their financial goals, we manage and maintain a bouquet of mutual funds registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Our mutual fund packages include; The Coral Growth Fund, The Coral Income Fund, The FSDH Treasury Bills Fund (A Money Market Fund), and The UPDC REIT.

By investing in these funds, customers are able to diversify their portfolios at affordable rates and low transaction costs.

For enquiries please contact [email protected] or WhatsApp +234 (90) 98627367
Our segregated funds are tailored to suit the specific investment objectives of the customer. With these funds, we aim to deliver creative solutions to individual investment challenges as they arise.

In managing the segregated portfolio, we employ a 3 segment approach which entails financial advisory, investment management, and administration. By this, we determine the goals, liquidity preferences, risk parameters, and investment horizons of the customer, and then manage the funds in line with pre-agreed strategies.

For enquiries please contact [email protected] or WhatsApp +234 (90) 98627367