FSDH Fintech Update: The Binance Ban

Tech startups have increasingly found themselves navigating through a maze of regulatory interventions from governments worldwide, and the latest sector to feel this impact has been the cryptocurrency space. The intersection of policy and regulation plays a pivotal role in shaping the operational landscape and growth trajectory of businesses, particularly in the rapidly evolving tech […]


#IncludingHer “If one woman wins, we all win,” Truly, but are these mere words or are we taking actual steps to ensure that a woman wins? Also, are women seizing opportunities that will position them to win? Well, in the end, we all have our roles to play in seeing to it that indeed women […]

Nigerian Macro-Economic Outlook 2024: Anticipated GDP Growth and Exchange Rate Dynamics for the Year Ahead.

As we take strides into each year, predicting economic trends is important to enable us make informed decisions. As is usual practice, economists and economic thought leaders have provided their forecasts regarding the anticipated developments in the nation’s economy, shedding some light on the anticipated macroeconomic environment, offering insights into key indicators such as GDP […]