FSDH Merchant Bank has structured lending services that are designed to meet the needs of our clients’ working capital position.

Short Term/ Tenored lending (Under one year)

  • Overdraft Facilities – Customers are allowed to draw funds beyond available funds to meet short term needs.
  • Stock Replacement Facilities – Used for the local purchase of stock.
  • Local Purchase Orders – We finance your orders
  • Invoice Discount Facilities – We provide funds for you on work done pending final payment
  • Contract Finance Facilities – We provide financing for the execution of your contracts

Medium to Long Term or Tenored Facilities 

  • Term/ Time Loans: Tenored loans for the acquisition of capital assets with periodic repayments spread conveniently over a reasonable time frame above one year.
  • Project Finance Facilities – Financing of medium to long term projects with repayments guaranteed from the milestones receivables of the project.
  • Equipment Finance Facilities/ Leases – For the financing of capital expenditure, particularly for the purchase of equipment either for specific projects or for regular business needs with convenient, periodic repayment plans.
  • Asset Securitisation Facilities – For the financing of large ticket transactions often involving a syndication of banks using the asset of the customer as the major security
  • Loan Syndications/ Club Deals – For very large ticket transactions involving the alliance of two or more banks, loans are kept within limits stipulated by the supervising authorities, and transaction risks are spread, to ensure that adequate funding is provided

We also provide fully underwritten facilities or best efforts arrangements.

On-lending Services

FSDH offers on-lending services for clients who wish to access cheaper and longer tenored funding from various intervention funds, multilateral partners, and Developmental Finance Institutions. 

We have a strategic relationship with a robust list of respected partners locally and globally.

For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 (01) 2802111-2

FSDH is able to provide Import Finance Facilities with dual currency (USD/Naira) availability, which can also be structured under the following trade products:

  • Letters of Credit
  • Unconfirmed Letters of Credits
  • Usance Letters of Credits/ Use of FSDH’s Correspondent Bank’s Confirmation Lines
  • Deferred Letters of Credits
  • Green and Red Clause Letters of Credits
  • Avalised Bills for Collection
  • Foreign Currency Forwards & Swaps
  • Other specialized Structured Finance Facilities

For enquiries please contact [email protected]. Telephone: +234 1-2802111-2802112