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“If one woman wins, we all win,” Truly, but are these mere words or are we taking actual steps to ensure that a woman wins? Also, are women seizing opportunities that will position them to win? Well, in the end, we all have our roles to play in seeing to it that indeed women win. We understand our role in this and we’re doing our part, supporting the inclusion of women not just within our organization but also in our dealings with our customers. Through our gender-focused initiatives, we are promoting this cause. 

With our Women in Business Initiative (WIBI), we are driving women inclusion and empowerment towards economic growth. Our annual WIBI event that brings together women from all sectors of the economy focuses on discussions on how the female economy can be positioned for growth and how women can tap into the opportunities around them. 

Also, we are contributing to women inclusion through our incubation programmes- the FSDH-EDC Women Business Impact Programme and the Female Founders’ Growth Programme, and the recently lunched FSDH WIBI Coaching Programme. These accelerator programmes are focused on upskilling women, ensuring that they are not lacking in the right knowledge and technical competence to help boost their business and position them for more growth and expansion opportunities. We also provide these women access to the right funding with loans offering targeted specifically at female entrepreneurs. To learn more about the WIBI Gender Loan, you can see here. (Pls embed link to WIBI Gender Loan article in “here”) 

Now, not to venture even farther, a glance at our internal culture reflects gender inclusion. We believe women aren’t just to be included in decision-making but should be given the seats that they merit. Evidently, our MD/CEO, as well as our ED, Corporate Banking and Branches are female. Our female employees are also given equal opportunity to thrive as their male counterparts. They have equal access to training and renumeration is not subject to gender reservations.  

How then can women play their own part in inspiring inclusion? 
Women can inspire inclusion by positioning themselves for opportunities. To do this, women need to continuously upskill, stay informed, and ensure that they are not only competent but also confident in their abilities. Additionally, women need to speak up for inclusivity, build connections, serve as mentors, and challenge the status quo. By actively engaging in these actions, women can not only advance their own careers but also pave the way for greater gender equality and inclusion in all aspects of society. 

Our Commitment 

Our commitment to fostering women’s inclusion and empowerment extends beyond mere words. Through our gender-focused initiatives, we are actively driving women’s participation in the economy. By providing access to training, funding, and opportunities, we strive to position women for success and economic growth. Also, our internal culture reflects our belief in gender equality, with female leaders occupying key positions and equal opportunities for all employees. However, achieving true inclusion requires collective effort. Women must actively seize opportunities, upskill, and advocate for inclusivity to inspire broader societal change. 

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